Holly Hagan Quits Geordie Shore

    Less than a week in the house and after just three episodes of MTV's Geordie Shore, Holly Hagan has called quits.

    Last night we saw Angelina Holly pack her bags and leave the house while the other seven stars were out partying in a nightclub... will she return?

    ChristopherCouture.co.uk was the first media source to report that Geordie Shore was in the works - well tonight it finally arrives!

    Last December, ChristopherCouture.co.uk was the first media source to reveal that the hit American reality show Jersey Shore was getting a British edition, titled 'Geordie Shore'.

    Geordie Shore.

    Sophie, Jay, Vicky, James, Holly,
    Greg, Charlotte, Gary.

    Geordie Shore

    Until now Geordie Shore has lounch 6 episode. Last episode aired on June 28, 2011 and more than 300,000 viewers, more than 209,246 people in facebook like this reality television. Based on that statistic Geordie Shore is interesting reality show to watch.

    Geordie Shore was commissioned in January 2011. In June 2011, two summer specials based in Magaluf were announced as well as a reunion special

    Tonight, MTV reiterated how reality TV is done! Geordie Shore put other UK reality shows to shame, for example: Made in Chelsea. This TV gold was achieved with brash, tanned, 'juiceheads'. Geordie Shore will of course be compared to Jersey Shore, but with rather large shoes to fill, it 'shore' is living up to its namesake across the pond. (So Far)

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